• Red Bull has been powering Singapore since 1982, providing the red dot with real energy for the last 37 years. As one of the leading brands of energy beverages, the proof is in our products.


    Our loyal fans know that our drinks stimulate both your mind and body - helping you maintain alertness, endurance and performance throughout the day. A perfect balance of essential vitamins, taurine and caffeine - Red Bull helps you charge through the day.


    An active life deserves an energy drink that can keep up.

  • FAQs

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    What are the effects of Red Bull?

    • Increases physical endurance
    • Increases concentration and reaction speed
    • Improves vigilance
    • Improves emotional status
    • Stimulates metabolism


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    How many cans of Red Bull can you consume per day?

    Red Bull is a functional drink and not a thirst quencher. The recommended daily consumption is 3 cans of Red Bull. It should conform to a person’s regular intake of caffeine, and this varies from person to person. The caffeine in one can of Red Bull equals that of one cup of filtered coffee.

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    How should Red Bull Energy Drink be used in sports? When should it be consumed?

    The use of Red Bull Energy Drink in sports varies depending on the athlete and the type of sport. Red Bull Energy Drink can be consumed before, during and after physical activity.

    Before: Many athletes drink 1 can of Red Bull Energy Drink half an hour before training or competing – allowing them to focus and ensure fast reaction times.

    During: Those performing in intense endurance sports often prefer to consumer 1-2 cans of Red Bull Energy Drink during an activity, together with adequate amounts of water. This is often beneficial to team sports that have half-time rest periods.

    After: Other athletes use one can of Red Bull Energy Drink after competing or training to aid recovery. Red Bull Energy Drink contains caffeine, and should therefore not be drunk in excess (more than 4 cans) before sports. It is not a fluid replacement and has not been formulated to deliver re-hydration. Water should be consumed in addition to Red Bull Energy Drink during exercise.

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